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HydroSpray Automatic Car Wash
Cobra Automatic
The “Dual Tower Wash System” blasts the vehicle on both sides simultaneously
with so much wash pressure, the customer actually feels the “Cobra” difference.

Washes up to 20 cars Per Hour. Our ROTATING WANDS continue to out clean anything in the industry

Enhanced Tire and Rocker Panel Cleaning. Powerful cleaning heads are fixed to the tower, not to the floor, applying full strength tire cleaner during the pre-soak pass.

Simpler Construction and Easier Installation! Fits in a 10 foot high bay, is much lighter in weight, has less moving parts, built around a stainless steel carriage assembly and requires no heated tracks or hydraulics!

Sensors accurately measure the car placing the washing nozzles as close to the vehicle as possible.

Digitally Record, at your option, everything that takes place at your site storing it for 30 days.
The COBRA will even “call” you if it or a customer needs assistance!
Rainmaker Automatic
It is one thing to promise technology: it is another thing altogether to deliver on the promise. The design and construction of the Rainmaker Automatic Car Wash delivers! Rotating wands results in a superior wash product by completely covering the vehicle’s surface with a dynamic scrubbing action. Continuous sizing delivers a safe and quality wash process for every vehicle. Rugged design and quality components deliver an equipment package that will provide quality performance year after year with a minimum of maintenance and repair.

The Rainmaker’s Computer Integration is not just technology for technology’s sake. The wash process taking place in the wash bay is just part of the operation of a successful car wash facility. There are other crucial processes that must accompany the action in the wash bay. Water and floor heating, air compressor operation, spot-free rinse control and the operation of dryers are just a few of the auxiliary processes that must flawlessly interact with the bay activity in order to insure a quality wash process. By integrating these additional processes into the control of the Rainmaker, the operator is able to gain control over the entire wash operation. The result is superior performance and troubleshooting capability.