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Air Machines
The Airguard

Stainless steel construction ensures end of rust and faded paint. Heavy duty hinge with gun cabinet type latch.

Air Parts Plus' The Airguard is constructed from 16 gauge stainless steel, polished to a semi-gloss finish. The heavy duty hinge is further protected on the inside by a gun cabinet type latch.

The Airguard comes complete with coin box, terminal block, hose hanger, locking bar and medico plug lock. For additional security, an optional bottom recessed cam lock may be added.
The Stealth

Laser Technology. Rugged 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Comes Together

High grade 304 stainless steel cut and molded by laser ensures "The Stealth" will be there for the years to come. No more worries of rust or fading paint again.

Options on competitors models come standard on "The Stealth."

The 19" wide X 17 3/4" high X a full 13" deep cabinet comes complete with coin box, hose hanger, recessed medico cam lock, terminal block and locking bar. Also standard on "The Stealth" is a recessed piano hinge further protected by an interior gun cabinet style latch.

The door opens a full 8" wider to allow for ease of maintenance. All bolts are stud mounted to enhance the beauty of the satin finish. Designed by people in the air business for people in the air business.