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Unitec AutoCashiers

In the self-serve automatic carwash market, Unitec's Wash Select II offers the latest industry enhancements, maximum security and minimum maintenance. The Wash Select II is your unattended carwash choice for a reliable salesperson and accountant.

Lane Control System
The Lane Control System allows site owners to manage the flow of traffic to the wash entrance using up to four Wash Select II entry systems and barrier gates. Customers simply select their desired wash package, add payment, and are instructed to proceed to the wash as the gate opens.

Custom Voice Messages
Enhance your Wash Select II with voice recordings customized with your site name, wash names and entry system options. Recordings are done at the Unitec factory with a male or female voice.

VIP Wash Pass™ Cards & Customized VIP Wash Pass Cards
The VIP Wash Pass is a marketing system and opportunity to build sales and customer loyalty by offering end users a prepaid card for carwashes. In conjunction with the VIP Wash Pass, Unitec offers a customized card that is site-specific with a site photo, logo and/or site name and address. This allows carwash owners to offer a customer loyalty program - to increase revenues with repeat sales and increased site awareness.

VIP Wash Coupons
Unitec's VIP Wash Coupons offers coinbox owners another sales opportunity to build customer loyalty. Sales of VIP Wash Coupons at a remote location can promote your carwash to new users; and multiple distribution opportunities invites new and repeat customers to your site.

Credit Card Processing
Unitec's advanced credit card acceptance technology offers you a unique option that encourages higher spending and repeat business. Multiple merchant service options are available to process acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.