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Hamilton Changers & AutoCashiers
Gold Line Autocashier

Hamilton's new Gold Line Autocashiers give you all the options you've been looking for. It's a simple concept based on addition. You can choose from a variety of bill acceptors and coin acceptors. If you'd like, you can add our credit card acceptor, receipt printer, lighted stainless steel hood assembly, or the HCS that features pay-at-pump capabilities.

Hamilton Gold LineŽ Autocashiers are easy to service and easily adaptable. When you're ready to add options, we're ready for you. The Autocashier is one of the most versatile paystations around, which translates into more options, more long-term savings, and greater ease of operation.

Rear-Load High Capacity

Hamilton's 3600 Series Rear Load Changer offers customers more versatility than ever before. The basic unit includes dual STA Validators, three Hoppers and a rugged 3/16" thick carbon steel cabinet with stainless steel faceplate.

The 3600 Series can also be ordered with one or two Hoppers, a single Validator, and a coin acceptor.

The choice of options gives you the versatility you need. Your choice of Hoppers can be configured to dispense any combination of change, including golden dollar coins or tokens. An array of Validator models, such as the Hamilton STA or XE, Coinco, or Mars are available for the option of single or dual Validators. Hamilton also offers a choice of either a Slugbuster or IDX coin acceptor. Also available is the Audit Pro 2000 and thermal printer for a more convenient way to control payout combinations, auditing capabilities and complete transaction reporting.