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WashWorld Automatic Car Wash
High Velocity Touch Free In-Bay Vehicle Wash System

Standard Features
*Touch Free Design
*Wash View Controller w/ Exclusive Wash View Remote Software
*All Stainless Steel Wall Mounts, Rails, Carriage & Trolley Assemblies
*Direct Drive Utilizing Variable Frequency Drives
*Pumping Station All Stainless Steel w/ Either CAT or General Pump Standard
* Deluxe Image Package
*ETL Approved
*Resource Conservation System
*Two Step Solutions Ready
*Modem w/ Fault Paging
*High Pressure Under Carriage and Rocker Blasters
* Direct Feed Solutions System
*Triple Pass Technology
*Washes Dual Wheel Trucks
*Integrated Security Systems

* Options
*Deluxe Door Controls
*Drying Systems
*Free Standing Frame
*Spot Free (RO) Systems
*Cold Climate Package
*Tri-Color Foam
* Reclaim System Adapter
*Directional In-Bay Signs
*Exterior Signage and Clearance Bar