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Carolina Pride Self Serve Car Wash

The PERFORMA™ Series Wash Systems Are Designed With Only One Criteria
Make It The Best Self-Service Wash System Possible

The PERFORMA™ 6000 Six Bay Wash System shown above comes as a complete system
with foaming tire cleaner, pre-soak, high-pressure soap, foaming brush, high-pressure rinse and wax.

All wash systems come with eye catching and informative bay signage,
to insure proper customer usage of services and produce extra service revenues

Compare Our Standard Features And The Clear Choice Will be THE PERFORMA™:
* Stainless Steel Tanks
*Cat Pumps
*Digital Display Timers
*Stainless Steel Frame
*Dual Belt Drive
*Internal Breaker Panel
*Stainless Steel Manifolds
*Air Diaphragm Pumps
*Instructional Bay Signs
* Low Water Safety Shut-Off
*Trigger Gun Safety Wans
*Fidelity Control Center
* Stainless Steel 360 Booms
*Electronic Coin Acceptors
*Main Power Disconnect
* Stainless Steel Motor Bases
*Automatic Fluid Level Control
*Stainless Steel Wand Pipes
* Individual Bay Transformers
*Hogs Hair Brushes With Wands
*Panel Mounted Test Switches
* Stainless Steel Meter Boxes
*Pre-Soak Tank Immersion Heater
*Stainless Steel Pre-Soak Pump
* Stainless Steel Brush Booms
*Low Voltage Breakers - No Fuses
*3 Horse Power / 3 Phase Motors
* Rinse Tank Immersion Heater
* Hose Installation Package In Standard Bay Lengths
*U.L. Listed Motor Control Center
* Automatic Weep Freeze System